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  1. Lord_Santa
    | Reply

    Flat 2D, turn-based, but more akin to Ultima IV & V, rather than Roguelikes

  2. Basilisk Games
    | Reply

    @Lord_Santa: Good point, perfect reference.

  3. Heavy Metal Monk
    | Reply

    I like all of these too be honest, and kind of wish we could choose three or something like that. I chose first person, lock step because that’s the mod I’m in today but I’d also say turn based isometric, and isometric real-time are up there too.

  4. Hex
    | Reply

    Isometric and turn-based is my preference… I think Fallout & Fallout 2 style is also damn cool, as in real time outside of combat. Also Eschalon’s turn based system with the fast real time feel works just as nicely. I like turn based games more because I like to have time to think my moves and play strategically.

  5. RaverDave2k
    | Reply

    Had to vote for Isometric / Eschalon style, Skyrim style a close second though 🙂

  6. Painted Lady
    | Reply

    Turn-based is by far my favorite. And, I really, really like isometric over first person.

  7. Mod
    | Reply

    It doesn’t really matter very much in my opinion. I don’t really care as long as the game is good. But I choose the first person real-time, because it has the best capability for immersion. RPGs are what do immersion best, making it a good fit. (Though format doesn’t have biggest bearing on immersion by a long shot)

  8. Randomizer
    | Reply

    Turn based is definite since I like to take my time occasionally to think out my next move. But any of the other types is acceptable.

  9. Serge
    | Reply

    Isometric all the way! I think it’s a great viewing angle for rpgs 🙂
    Realtime or turnbased usually doesn’t matter much to me, though the Eschalon games are quite tough in some areas so to pause and think for a second saved me more than once.

  10. Taffer
    | Reply

    Isometric, Real-time with Pause, like Pillars of Eternity, or Baldur’s Gate. So I picked Iso/Realtime…

  11. KillingMoon
    | Reply

    Third person, I like to see my character.
    Combat not based upon having quick reflexes.
    Like: Eschalon, Divinity Original Sin, Dragon Age Origins.
    I picked Isometric real time, but I don’t really have a preference between fixed or free camera or turn based or real time, but in real time I’d like to be able to pause.

  12. Cuthalion
    | Reply

    If it’s single-character, I’ll go with Skyrim-style 3rd-person realtime. If it’s a party, I need it to be turn-based to not hate myself. 😛 Tactical RPGs are my favorite, so turn-based isometric then.

  13. Fluent
    | Reply

    I voted for first-person turn-based, because I love how it’s done in Might & Magic 6, and actually feel that is my favorite combat system *ever*.

    My second favorite would be isometric with real-time-with-pause.

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  14. Parasol Syndicate
    | Reply

    Given that anyone logging on to this site is gonna be at least a nominal Eschalon fan, I’m betting you’ll see a lot of Turn-based iso.

    In truth, I’m equally split between TB and realtime iso. That may be because some of my favorite titles (NWN2, Diablo 2) have inhabited it so well.

  15. Unbeliever
    | Reply

    Soft turn-based (i.e. real time with ability to issue/stack commands in pause mode). Free movement, third-person (player-controlled camera orbits protagonist).

    Currently playing KOTOR for the first time… 🙂

  16. Brian
    | Reply

    A little bit of an unfair poll without having an ‘other’ option.

    Baldur’s Gate got it right imho opinion with the live pause feature and that isn’t mentioned.

  17. Alan
    | Reply

    I just spent 30 minutes trying to purchase your game 3 different ways and was unable to do so. You offer zero support, very frustrating, i guess i will not give you any money today

  18. Basilisk Games
    | Reply

    Hello Alan! The games are available through Steam, GoG, and Apple’s Mac App Store, as well as here on our site. I’m sorry that one of these methods wasn’t sufficient to complete your purchase. Let us know what the problem was and we’ll try to fix it.

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