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Thank you for a great 2014!

Dearest Fan/Customer/Friend:

The staff at Basilisk Games want to thank you for a wonderful 2014. The final Eschalon game was launched last February and marked the end of a long road for us. Thank you for being part of it!

As for 2015 and beyond, all we can say right now is that a number of projects are brewing here in the studio. We’ll be working on a few smaller titles outside the Basilisk Games label while we continue to develop our next RPG franchise. There is also a growing number of requests from fans to see the Eschalon series rebuilt with a HD widescreen engine, additional content and extended storyline. Anything is possible; the future is bright with unlimited possibilities, much like it was when we started Book I development back in 2005!

Thanks again for your support. We will see all of you next year!

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Thanking Indie Developers #13: Basilisk Games

Gamer Headlines posts a nice blog thanking us for our Eschalon series. Aw, thanks guys!!

Direct Link

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Steam version of Book III updated to 1.021

Better late than never, heh? You can update through your Steam client.

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A New Eschalon: Book III Review

Gizorama reviews Book III, giving it a solid 4/5. Thanks!

Link: Gizorama review of Eschalon: Book III

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Steam’s Summer Sale has begun!

Get the Eschalon Trilogy on Steam for every platform (that’s like a total of 9 games!) for less then $10!

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GoG Indie Gem Sale on Eschalon!!

GoG has the full Eschalon Trilogy on sale for a few days at 50% off! Perfect time to grab all the games for less than $20! Why are you still reading this? Go get it!

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GameBanshee Reviews Book III

GameBanshee has posted a nice little review for Eschalon: Book III.

Among other things, they say: “The maps in Book III work really well.  Basilisk Games like Larian Studios has always been good about rewarding players for taking the time to explore carefully.

Click here for GameBanshee’s Review

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Eschalon: Book III updated to version 1.021

See the downloads page to grab the update. GoG and Steam versions will be updated soon.

A formal changelog can be found here, but essentially we fixed bugs and exploits, though there is some additional support for mods.

Also, check out the growing mod collection here:


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Eschalon Trilogy Post-Mortem

Gamesauce has published our Post Mortem on finishing the Eschalon Trilogy. A must-read for any fan.

Link: Eschalon Post-Mortem

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First wave of Book 3 reveiws

RPGWatch posted their positive 4/5 star review for Book 3 saying it’s “…enjoyable, fun and rather addictive.”

RPGWatch review:

Russian gaming website wrote a seemingly positive review. It’s illegible to us, but we got a big, green thumbs-up icon, so we’ll assume they liked it.

Stopgame Review:


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