Looking for 3D Character Artists

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We’re looking to work with some freelance artists who specialize in 3D character modeling, including rigging and animating. Blender to Unity workflow. Send us a link to your online portfolio and we’ll contact you for a quote!

Update, please!

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Thanks for all the email, Facebook and Twitter “update requests” you people send us; we see them, but we rarely give individual responses to each request. We’re sorry for being quiet for so long.

Our current game-in-development (the sci-fi RPG) has been coming along very well. The game world continues to grow. The rules system continues to get tweaked. The few people who have been lucky enough to see the game have given us overwhelmingly positive feedback, which makes us feel good. We are working overtime to get the game to a publicly-presentable state.

Unlike the Eschalon series, which we showed off from the very beginning with alpha screenshots and gameplay descriptions, this current game is being built in total secrecy until it is ready for a proper announcement to be made. The game has enough unique features that we don’t want to show off too early for fear of elements changing before release, or even our ideas being sniped.

As soon as we are ready to announce the game, we’ll give everyone a heads-up that it’s coming so you can be the first to see the gameplay trailer and screenshots. However, please be patient! I promise, we more restless to show off our game than you can imagine, but there’s still a lot of work to do. In the meantime, stop by our forums and let us know what you’re currently playing!

“Are you going to be at GDC?”

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About this time every year, we get dozens of requests to meet up at the Game Developer’s Conference in San Fransisco. Unfortunately, we are not going this year. We’ve got too much going on here, working on our next game, to give up a week to watch other people talk about how to make games.

Perhaps next year!

Email problems

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It turns out that our MX records have been jacked up for a few weeks, and our email has been sporadic. We just discovered a cache of 100+ emails that were never delivered, sitting over on our host’s server.

So, if you’ve tried to contact us in the last 3-4 weeks and never got a response, or worse, got back an error suggesting the Basilisk Lair may have been bulldozed, try sending your message again.

[edit] Should be fixed now (5:30pm EST)

Eschalon: Book I is 10 years old, and now FREE!

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2017 marks the 10th anniversary* of the release of Eschalon: Book I, and to celebrate we are giving it away! Yep, it’s free, now and forever! You can download the full, pre-registered copy here or through GoG or Steam**. As if this cake needed any more frosting, Book II and Book III have been reduced in price, too.

Thanks for 10 great years! It’s been an awesome adventure, and we are looking forward to what the next 10 years brings.

Technically, Book I was released in November 2007, but we wanted to celebrate now.
** As of this writing, Steam was having trouble digesting the new prices (FREE?!? Have you gone mad?!?). It may be a day or so before you see those prices change.

Hard at work…

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We’re getting emails asking us for an update. There’s not much to tell – last September we announced that we had finished the design doc for our next RPG, a yet-to-be-named Sci-fi game. The phase we’re in now is building, building, building: a new game engine, a world to explore, and countless items to pick up and use. We don’t have anything to show off… yet. We’ll likely be pretty quiet for most of 2016 as we lock ourselves away in the studio and make magic.

More to come. Stay tuned!

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