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It turns out that our MX records have been jacked up for a few weeks, and our email has been sporadic. We just discovered a cache of 100+ emails that were never delivered, sitting over on our host’s server.

So, if you’ve tried to contact us in the last 3-4 weeks and never got a response, or worse, got back an error suggesting the Basilisk Lair may have been bulldozed, try sending your message again.

[edit] Should be fixed now (5:30pm EST)

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  1. Levi Howard
    | Reply

    Hi everyone,

    Just wondering if you good folks are accepting any demos or auditions right now for any voice work or music with your wonderful company. Holy cow, your content, operation, and games are so very cool and interesting, and I’d love to be a part of the family and try and help out any way if possible!

    I have quite a lot of recording experience for works of all sorts and I confidently feel that my voice will meet any requirements listed in any details. Not only will I have fun with your important projects, but will also take them very seriously and always try my hardest to provide you with what you need. I would very much enjoy chatting more in depth regarding these and any other relevant details, questions, or concerns you might have and would also be glad to provide you with anything else upon your request.

    Thanks for your time and consideration, and looking forward to hopefully hearing from you!

  2. Tom Sciance
    | Reply

    I’ve owned and played all three Eschalon games, but recently my Eschalon 1 quit working properly. So I downloaded the free version. It works fine but appears in a small window and I can’t find a way to increase the window size. Is there a way to do that?

  3. Eli Fort
    | Reply

    I am re-playing Eschalon Book 2, great games. Ben in Eden will not ask me if I want to go to the island, I want to go. What do I need to do????? Let me know please….

  4. Russ Ahner
    | Reply

    I bought book 1 and 2 back in 2012 and not knowing it was through download link that only lasted so long I wil be buying three soon but i need my download links reset first please send me email and ill show receipts of purchases

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