In light of recent backlash against certain game companies…

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We’ve updated our Who We Are page to reflect our philosophy on DLC or pay-to-win schemes for our games.

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  1. monmothra
    | Reply

    Bless you, you glorious bastards!

  2. razing32
    | Reply

    I don’t think paid DLC is bad.
    Expansion packs were good and added content to games.
    Tribunal and Bloodmoon for Morrowind
    Broodwar for Starcraft
    The Conquerors for Age of Empires 2
    The Stetchkov Syndicate for Swat 4
    and so on.
    It only becomes a problem when the DLC is nothing more than “Horse Armor” or a paid cheat code.

  3. Bryan
    | Reply

    Hile, Gunslinger!

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