Ten days until Book III – Here’s more previews!

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Ten more days until the launch of Book III! Want to see some more previews? Here’s what some others are saying:

After playing through the pre-release build, I was only left with a desire to play more. The sense of exploration and discovery it offers are sparks missing from a lot of more recent games.” – gameranx.com

The first two games in the series, Eschalon Books I and II, met with considerable success and cult enthusiasm, and Basilisk is getting ready to close out the trilogy with Book III. I’ve been grinding my way through its massive world for a couple weeks now and I’m pleased to say it upholds the series’ rich and unforgiving reputation.” – gamingnexus.com

It’s perhaps that depth I described above that made Eschalon the gem people like me came to love.” – 3rd-strike.com


Win a copy of Eschalon: Book III on launch day!

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We’re giving away six (6) copies of Eschalon: Book III on launch day! All you have to do is follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, or be a registered member of our forums. We’ll randomly pick two people from each of these groups the day before launch and send them a Registration Code to unlock the game. You’ll also have the opportunity to download the game a couple hours earlier than anyone else!

Details: Follow us on one of these sites before February 13. We’ll send you a private message if you are selected. We will not use your name or identity for promotional purposes, though it’d be great if you reposted your lucky win. Enter all three places to increase you chances. If by some freaky chance you win more than once, you can keep the extra copy or gift it to someone else.

Book III Release Date Update

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We are just finishing up with round 2 of alpha testing, which was a great success. Unfortunately, the success of Alpha testing was that it showed us there is still a lot to do before we can talk about beta testing and release dates.

Our most recent release window estimate was “Holiday 2013”. In order to avoid being lost in the chaos of Holiday Sales on Steam and other distributors, we would need to have the game out in early December. That’s a little over four weeks from now, which is simply unfeasible. We refuse to release a product until we feel it is finished properly, which means making a slight adjustment to our release window.

The best time to start beta testing will be after the holiday frenzy has worn off, since it’s not likely that we would get substantial feedback from testers during the weeks around Christmas. That puts beta testing in mid-January with a release date of 4-6 weeks after that.

We do apologize to everyone who has waited so long for the third Eschalon game. We thank you for being patient with us, and hope you know that this extra development time will make the game better in almost every way.

A quick Book III update

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With summer drawing to an end, we’ve gotten a lot of messages asking when Book III will be released. We apologize for not doing a Book III progress update sooner.

We just finished testing “Alpha 1” and are fixing the problems that were uncovered during that session. We’ll be testing “Alpha 2” October, with semi-public Beta testing in November.

Right now, Book III is scheduled to be released before the end of 2013. Our confidence is high that we will meet this goal. We should be able to drop an accurate release date when Beta testing begins.

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