Update – What’s been happening in The Lair?

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A short update about what’s been going on here in The Basilisk Lair – check it out on the forums:

State of the Basilisk

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  1. Michael Gregory Dylan Payne
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    Does basilisk games do internships?
    I am currently a senior in highschool and looking for a game design internship for periods 2-5 within Indiana
    I am interested in your game play styles and was wondering if it would be possible to have an internship with basilisk games I have some experience with 3d animation but will need training and refining on my skills I am an artist and I can do both traditional art work and some graphic design art and I believe I have what are some great ideas for games and mechanics within games that you might be able to use.
    For 3d modeling I have been using clara.io an online 3d modeling program.

  2. BB
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  3. Jeffrey Wilson
    | Reply

    How goes the game? Big fan of the studios work. An update would be really cool thanks.

  4. GD
    | Reply

    Can’t register on http://basiliskgames.com/forums/

    No register link anywhere.

    • Basilisk Games
      | Reply

      Registration has been closed until we can update our software to prevent spamming.

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